We have received hundreds of letters from satisfied students, graduates and parents. Universities ask us to send them more of “this calibre” of students A few of these letters are included below:

From Students:

1." Dear Sir,

I am actually writing to you from the Imperial College [University of London] library! It may seem to be a big deal to many people. To me, it is a dream come true. So the first thing I like to do is thank you and Choueifat for helping me reach where I am. One thing is certain, that I'm not going to waste this marvellous chance that has been offered to me, and the hours of work you all put into me."

2. "Dear Sir,

Hello! How are you? I am sorry it took me so long to write, but as you can imagine, I have been extremely busy. I naturally want to tell you how I am getting along at Hopkins.

I am sure the majority of Choueifat graduates along the way have told you how invaluable their Choueifat education has been to them at university. I am just another graduate to add to that long list..."

3. "Dear Sir,

Greetings from Harvard! I am settling into this fine college and enjoying the process immensely.

Harvard is a wonderful experience. Coming from the familiar school and home environment, you are suddenly faced with the vast resources of a great university: the thousands of classes to choose from, the endless books in the many libraries...

Academics are a constant pressure but so far I have been coping well. The competition is intimidating; having scored in the top few percentiles on the SAT exam means little in a college where nearly everyone is a high school valedictorian..."

4. "Dear Sir,

I have an interesting point to reveal to you. Almost all of my friends and professors have been amazed at the superior level of education provided by the International School of Choueifat. Many have approved and wished that they had been this lucky."

From Universities to students:

1. The Dean of the Medical School at Guy's Hospital (University of London) wrote to an ex-Choueifat medical student in her first year:

"I am writing to inform you that you have been awarded the Edgcumbe Prize, which is awarded for the candidate with the highest marks at the Part IA examination.."

2. From the University of Bristol to one of our students:

"Dear Muhannad,

I am writing to congratulate you on your Distinction in the Biochemistry 1M examination…"

3. A Maths teacher at MIT wrote the following comment about his student (and our graduate):

"Top student in the entire class." (He underlined 'entire'.)

4. Here is what Harvard had to say to one of our top students:

"We are writing to offer our congratulations on your academic achievements and to encourage you to consider Harvard and Radcliffe as a possible college choice. We hope that as you sift through the piles of college mail that you are no doubt receiving, that you take time to look closely at the special opportunities which Harvard and Radcliffe have to offer.

Among the many reasons for coming here is the stimulation of studying with a faculty known throughout the world for its distinction in a range of fields..”

From Universities to Choueifat Headmasters:

1. The Imperial College wrote school after one of our students graduated with honours:

"Dear Sir,

I am sure you will be pleased to know that your above ex-student has graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours BSc degree. Needless to say, If you have any other young persons of this calibre showing an interest in Mechanical Engineering, we should be delighted to hear from them."

2. Newham College of Cambridge University wrote:

"Dear Headteacher:

I thought I would write to tell you how pleased Newham is with Asma Fikree’s result this year: she has obtained a First in part 1B of the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos. Newham is well aware that without the preparation our students receive at school, they would not achieve such good results, so we hope you share our pleasure."

3. Queen Mary and Westfield College of University of London wrote:

"Dear Headmaster:

One of the Admissions Tutors on our Faculty of Engineering drew my attention to the high quality of applications that he has been receiving from former students of your school. We are very pleased to see this trend, and hope it continues in future."

From parents to Choueifat Headmasters:

1. A British mother, with two ex-Choueifat girls wrote: "We are proud of them both, and will always be grateful to Choueifat for all it did for them. I think the one thing I notice - the difference - between my daughters and the young students I see at university here in the UK, is that they have the ability to concentrate and take the pressure of work, and that the ability to study comes easily to them. And now I realise how Choueifat was responsible for this... it taught them to pace themselves and to organise their work."

2. "The Headmaster,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and the staff at Choueifat School as your efforts and my daughter Soma’s efforts together meant that she was able to gain very good marks in her Advanced Placement and A Level subjects. Soma was offered a place in Glasgow medical school and also at the medical School in Leicester University in the UK, at McGill, McMaster and Queen’s Universities in Canada, as well as in Pennsylvania and Princeton Universities in the USA.

God bless you and thanks for your continuous efforts in helping and encouraging the students out of which my daughter was lucky to be.

Dr. J Meran

Consultant Paediatrician"

3. A Dutch parent wrote:

"Dear Sir,

Before my daughter joined Choueifat she went to a primary school in Holland which never gives homework and students attend lessons only for 28 hours a week. So you can imagine that the increase in working hours was very hard for her. The time she spent at your school was very tough and she had to work real hard, but she always enjoyed it. And, not to forget, she learned a lot.

Then we went back to Holland. It does not make a difference which secondary school you choose because you will never find one like Choueifat. The democracy from the students is very advanced. The teachers are superior in name only. Because it is difficult to remove children from school teachers become so frustrated that there is a high sick percentage. On average children miss one hour a day.

Having experienced the difference in schools we are very happy to be back in Abu Dhabi. I have been buying Choueifat books for the last two years, so my daughters are up to date.

Keep up the good work"

From The Press:

‘Sunday Republican’, SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts -The test results are in and the news is good for the region’s first charter school: Students, on average, advanced nearly 18 months in their first seven months at Sabis International Charter School.

“Thrilled is the word for how we feel,” said Ruth Moorhouse, the mother of two daughters and one of the parents who pushed for SABIS to take over the public school last year. “I know my daughters were improving.  I didn’t need a test.  But it’s great to see these results,” she said [These tests are standardized and are given by the Education Authority.]

And the READERS’ DIGEST wrote:

"At  SABIS® International in Springfield the number of students performing above grade level went from 38% to 65%.​"

  • "This is a word of thanks to all teaching staff and management for the great effort spent in making children at a very young age stand with great self-confidence at a stage with large no of audience to act and sing cheerfully.

    This ability and great self-confidence is built in our children by the Choueifat your staff proved yesterday, after seeing the KG students' performance at the stage, their devotion and commitments to produce intellectually, linguistically and morally competent world citizens.

    Thank you, my children are safe in your hands."

    Rana & Walid Zamamiri

  • "Dear Mr. Victor Saad,

    A year has come to a close and we are all looking forward to the summer break.

    It has been a good year for my children Kamel and Ghada in grade 1. As for us parents, we have been extremely pleased to have met Mrs. Alayyan. She is the first person to greet us in the morning, at school functions and when we pick up a sick child!

    Her good cheer and appealing personality are always reassuring and duly appreciated. Furthermore, the children genuinely like her. I am glad you have on board people of such caliber, professionalism and dedication, all to better educate our children.

    Best Regards


    Ranya and Taleb Amer

  • "To be honored is wonderful but to be honored by Her Majesty Queen Rania is unparalleled and to be treasured for all of my life. ISC Amman provided the vehicle that propelled through this finish line. It is the foundation upon which i will build my future: solid and strong. My IGSCE result is international high quality recognition of this. It places me exceptionally well for the future in a highly competitive academic world. I thank everyone, in particular my parents and teachers at ISC Amman, for their support, and the University of Cambridge for this Queen Rania Award."

  • " ‎Such times also make us as parents appreciate the efforts that SABIS® is doing to ensure our ‎kids are getting the best education possible. What made us all really amazed is how skillful our ‎teachers are in virtual learning, I have seen the programs other schools had put in place and I am ‎very proud to say that ours ranks way higher. I wish I can share those videos to the public, we ‎know that our school is special and is like no other school. But I must also say that our teachers ‎are like nobody else, their skills are impressive, how they are explaining and simplifying the ‎material virtually is epic. ‎ I really am certain that having my girls at SABIS® was one of the best decisions I've ever made. ‎Thank you for proving that over and over again." ‎
    Mrs. Al Jawabreh ‎ ISC-Amman Parent

  • ‎“As a parent, I really appreciate all the effort that The International School of Choueifat – ‎Amman staff is putting to make sure that every single student is getting the best education at ‎high standards.‎ The professionalism of the skillful teachers is obvious. They are doing their best to simplify all the ‎information for the students. No words can thank the best staff ever.”‎
    Mrs. Al Share’ ‎ ISC-Amman Parent